West Auckland Kitchen Renovation

Here is a job we did recently which shows the process of a kitchen renovation, this one having been done in a house in West Auckland.

Most times when a person wants to renovate a part of their home (or the whole home), it’s usually due to the fact that it’s outdated, starting to get run down, and the features and appliances are starting to age. Typically, it will look something like this:

As was the case here, the home owner wanted to renovate the property to bring it to market. This means they needed something new, modern, and which stood out. When we get a project like this, the first step is to create the concept based on the space we are working on. For this kitchen, this was the concept we came up with:

As you can see, the renovation concept featured an entirely new kitchen, new paint, floors and fixtures. Out with the old, in with the new. All parts of the design are then agreed upon by the home owners to ensure that the concept is what they are after. The new design gives the kitchen a crisp new look, and makes it suitable for modern day appliances.

This is the real life result of the kitchen renovation:

Some aspects were changed when it came to the final design but as you can see the concept gives a good indication as to the finished result. This is typical of the process of a home renovation and will be what you can expect when you renovate your West Auckland home.

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